Mazda3 Maintenance Schedule

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If Nampa drivers follow their Mazda3’s specific maintenance schedule and use genuine Mazda parts, they can ensure that their Mazda3 will run at its peak for years to come. Learn more about your Mazda3’s service intervals here at Dennis Dillon Mazda in Boise, ID.

Mazda3 Service Intervals Breakdown

  • Engine:
      • Drive Belts: every 36 months
      • Engine oil and filter: replace when wrench indicator light is on, or every 12 months
  • Cooling System:
      • Engine coolant: replace every 10 years, and every 5 years thereafter
  • Fuel System:
      • Air filter: replace every 36 months, or at the equivalent timing of changing your Mazda3’s oil
      • Fuel lines and hoses: every 24 months
      • Hoses and tubes for emissions: every 48 months
  • Ignition System:
      • Spark plugs: replace every 75,000 miles
  • Chassis and Body:
      • Brake lines, hoses, and connections: every 24 months
      • Disc brakes: every 12 months
      • Tire rotation: rotate every 7,500 miles, or at the equivalent timing of changing your Mazda3’s oil
      • Steering operation and linkages: every 24 months
      • Front and rear suspension, ball joints and wheel bearing axial play: every 24 months
      • Driveshaft dust boots: every 24 months
      • Bolts and nuts on chassis and body: every 24 months
      • Exhaust system and heat shields: every 60 months
  • Air Conditioner System:
      • Cabin air filter: replace every 30,000 miles, or at the equivalent timing of changing your Mazda3’s oil

Of course, this service intervals breakdown assumes you’re driving in normal conditions. If you tend to drive around mountainous Meridian or Twin Falls, or if you brake frequently while driving through the city of Boise, it’s a wise idea to follow expedited service intervals. Consult your owner’s manual to learn what this schedule is.

Make Use of Our Service Specials and Coupons for Routine Maintenance

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